What are your wildest dreams?


Well this is tricky one: I guess my first wildest dream would be to be the BEST version of myself I could ever be and be able to actually look back and know that , through being my best self, I was able to leave a lasting mark in the life and hopefully lives of many. Other crazy dreams would be to
To have multiple unique fashion stores around the world that sell the BEST African Print Outfits one has ever seen…at affordable prices ;)Perform with India Arie ( I love her)!! Attached one of my best songs by her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zbn7Khv8zM

To land a record deal with SONY!

To Bungee Jump and Sky dive…both this year hopefully 😀

To sing at the opening of the World Cup

Run and FINISH the New York Marathon

Ride an elephant in India & Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Professional questions?


How do I feel?


I feel ALIVE and READY to take on this great challenge! I am ready to learn from others and push myself to the limit and thereby come out a better leader, a better citizen of the world. I know that it will be challenging but it will be worth the fight albeit without a weapon.