Into the sunrise! Looking Forward


Gandhi once said that the best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others. 

The game has genuinely been an eye opening experience for me in the sense that I have felt that with each task I was challenged to think outside my comfort zone. Each new step required “time out” to think,  and question if I am at my best or giving my best to those around me? What messages am I spreading with the use of the gifts and knowledge made possible to me.

Warriors Without Weapons  has challenged and molded me to think without a box :). Moreover, through this one month process, the game has opened doors to great friendships just based on mobilizing people around a common positive idea. I am really grateful and happy I got to do this, and YES I would do it all again in a heart beat!! Challenges were definitely encountered, from finding a practical and idea that was true to me, to mastering  the courage to write my thoughts and intentions out..were a challenge as well. In the beginning it was really difficult, but the game has opened me up to the great rewards gained from being real and sharing your true self.

My Intentions moving forward…

After this month long process, I know that I CAN Help, it doesn’t matter how, where, what I have or don’t have. I am capable of  being a vessel of peace, of joy to those around me and the world over. Regardless of barriers placed upon all of us by society, I am ready to learn and share what I know.

After warriors, I hope to work towards the reintegration of ex-soldiers, or refugee children back into their communities through sport and music. And I am ready to start from any community, be it in Africa, Asia, wherever, I can be of use. I will start. Children lead by example and we need to be better leaders and guardians for them.  It is scary but it can be done and I know that being able to participate in the Warriors without Weapons 2012 will add valuable insight into what I will be able to do.

So thank you for allowing me to participate in this one month intense process. I have experienced great growth through the various tasks. 🙂


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