5, 4, 3, 2, 1…GO!



Wow what a change of events! It has been an amazing Task! Starting from Dana Podmolikova who told me about this amazing program, looping into all the friends and family support I have been humbled to get.  Task 5 has been the most challenging but rewarding in terms of hard work, kindness and sacrifices made by people I hardly knew!! And friends really dedicating themselves to this project. So I am  very grateful.

Initially, in Task 3 I had mentioned that I would like to focus on Children who have been victims of war and how sport can been used as a tool to reintegrate them back into society. However, an even more interesting twist came to be when my friend Sylvain asked what I thought about doing a Stevie Wonder Cover of “Isn’t She Lovely.” I have to say, I wasn’t too sure how I would link it with my message and build awareness on it, but as we talked and I shared the song with other people from school and work, I realized that we could talk about Child Mortality Rate in Africa! 

It is a pressing issue, as many children under the age of 5 die due to poverty, malnutrition, lack of health measures and other curable and PREVENTABLE diseases. So why not sing about how precious life is. Why not make people AWARE of this and remind each and everyone of us that we CAN do something about it. Talk about it, Donate towards it and Spread the message of Life being all about Love.

So we did it! We practiced the song, and the chords a good number of times and on Saturday we Finally got it right. It took long hours of practice, coordinating etc. But the raw product was done. Next Challenge was finding someone who could help us edit it and insert subtitles as some words were in Kiswahili. And this is where Julie Henao a girl I literally met last evening comes in. Julie was at a dinner party I went to and as I was sharing what I was working on among older friends she says she knows how to edit videos and she’d be happy to help! How cool is that! 🙂 So that challenge was solved. We finished it and all the friends present began sharing it with their friends on face book and I am thrilled that the message is being passed across as we speak.

Please watch the Video on this link. Thank you!




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