Task 4: We are not Alone!


Spread Love Not War

So getting all the help for this up coming fun task has been interesting in the sense that people I have talked to about my plan to sing and raise awareness about this project have been very helpful in pointing me to talented individuals who share a passion for what I am speaking about! Hopefully all this comes together as I envision it 🙂 wish me luck!

I mainly need a guitarist and i have been lucky to find my friend Sylvain Heraud who is the Project Manager at Peace and Sport http://www.peace-sport.org/ an International Organization that uses the power of sport to bring about peace and development world wide. I have come to know Sylvain over the past 4 months since I began volunteering at Peace and Sport.

However, I did not know that Sylvain was a great guitarist until I was sharing the Project Idea with another mutual friend Ana-Luz and she pointed out that Sylvain is a great player. So that will work out brilliant! Moreover, he has a great documetary camera and has friends who will be happy to help shoot the video so Hooray!

As for activating my community, I plan on posting these links to my group/page on my social networks and creating a discussion around this topic. This I believe will help spread the word and raise the awareness needed on the needs of children everywhere.

It is going to be exciting and CHALLENGING but hopefully I can come out with something worthwhile. So off I go!


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