Task 3: Great Ideas are born from Small Causes


For my task 3 on raising awareness on a particular issue I have decided to build my project around something I am very passionate about, using sport as a vehicle for peace. This may seem like a far cry from environmental sustainability but that is not really the case. With peace, people are able to concentrate on building their community and society at large.

I am passionate about what happens to children when they find themselves in the midst of conflict and how to help them cope, remind them how to be children again. In 2007 my beloved country Kenya and its people found themselves caught in the wake of the Post Election Violence. But its the Aftermath of this conflict that triggered my decision to find away to use my God given talent and willpower to help find a sustainable way to reintegrate the children of Kenya back into their society.

Flash forward: I am doing my Masters in Sustainable Peace through Sport and I would like to create awareness on the healing power of Sport with a focus on Africa and Kenya in particular.  Since I am far away from home, I will mobilize my online network and record short clips discussing these issues.

I have also identified a documentary photographer who will help in this project 🙂

So let the work begin!!


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