Task 2: Small steps leading to Big Change


After calculating my carbon footprint, I knew that more could be done. So on an annual scale, my current emissions lay at 3,365 pounds per year! I knew I had to get right to work and so this is the list of things and new habits I have decided to pick up. Small steps will lead to Big lasting steps.

Reduce: Even though I have always been good at reducing my electricity use, I decided to buy an energy saving lamp to cut my costs and emission even further down. Good choice so far! 🙂

I have tried out walking instead of taking the bus and also found that I can hire a bike for half the price I use on the bus! So now I have an even better healthier, cheaper way to make my trips to school and back.

Reuse: Over the past week, I decided to reuse the same water bottle for my water instead of buying so many bottles. Its worked really well so far. Im still looking for a simple water bottle that I can use for the long term and eliminate that cost forever!! I also decided to reuse album cover gift to work as an earring hanger as well. Also, I love to collect fabrics- especially African prints. I had this piece and decided to turn it into a travel bag/clothes bag. Trendy and totally reusable!

Recycle: I recycled lots and lots of old news papers, and school hands. I didn’t realize that we had so much. I have opted to read most of my work from my computer instead of printing.

At the end of this trial, I found that from these reductions, my current emission rate went down to 1,021 lbs CO2 per year! I know I can do more!

On making a list of improvements I can make both for myself and the community at large, I decided that not only should I make people aware of the importance of environmental sustainability, but to also inform them of what is happening outside of their comfort zone. And how they can help. This dictates my course of action for Task Number 3.


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