Past, Present and Future: What makes me a Warrior…


I truly want to take part in Warriors without Weapons-2012 because knowing that I will be able to give something back, inspire someone, help someone find their true self. I know that I will learn something new that will help inform, challenge and mold my decisions for the better, making me really want to be a part of your community.  I am a firm believer in the Millennium Development Goals and their potential change the lives of many. And despite the fact that many people would argue that they are just great benchmarks and that governments out to do something about achieving them..I believed in taking these goals and the responsibility of achieving them into my own hands. Thus upon finishing my undergraduate studies, I set up camp at the local primary school in Magare and would make daily trips from my rural home to the school to teach the children on these goals in a simplified manner and show them that THEY had a say in it too. We played football and had classes together where we would see how we could improve the community and our position together without waiting for anyone to help. As a result we were able to buy water tanks for the local community by raising money.

I know that this can be seen as a small project and perhaps would not measure to the millions of great projects that others are doing.. But I believe that what makes me a warrior is not the fact this project was grand, but the HOPE that I was able to share and gain from being involved with these children.  In the future I would hope to further work with children who are ex soldiers and reintegrate them back into their communities through Sport.

We all have a role to play in making the world a better place. What we all need to do is to stop waiting and pointing fingures, and get working.


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